From the Artist Tribe - Stenciled Boot Heels!

Today Sandee Setliff is sharing a pretty cool project using stencils and embossing powder... she stenciled the heels of her boots!


Can we talk about how much I love this idea and how wonderfully it came out? This is awesome! Sandee used my Decorative 6-Petal Flower Screen stencil along with some Mirror Gold embossing powder from Emerald Creek.

Make sure you head over to Sandee's blog to see the full post with all the details.


P.S. If you love embossing powder, especially Emerald Creek, you'll want to check the shop tomorrow - the new line of Baked Texture embossing powders from The Altered Page will be available and ready to ship!




From the Artist Tribe - Stenciled Home Decor

Hi all, Jackie Neal is back again today from the Artist Tribe sharing how she used some of my stencils in her recent (and ongoing!) home makeover, as well as for some fun art journaling!

First, here's a little peek at her stenciled wall... love seeing how she used my Art Deco Borders stencil here! (You can also see a little peek of my Art Deco Floral Medallion stencil.)


I also spy a little peek of another recent project she's done for the Tribe... do you see it sitting on the shelf? So fun!

Jackie didn't stop with her walls, check out this peek into her art journal! This spread also uses my Art Deco Borders stencil


Make sure you check out her post today for lots more photos and details!




Gwen's Gems - 3D Collaged Boho Fish!

Hi all,  just popping in to let you know that I'm up today on StencilGirl Talk with the January edition of Gwen's Gems! This month I'm taking my collaged boho fish and making them 3D, using a stencil as a pattern.


There are lots more photos and details in the post, plus a tutorial to show how I did both the fish and the background! I hope you'll head over and check it out!


From the Artist Tribe - Vintage Circus Art Journal Page

Today Linda Edkins Wyatt is up from the Artist Tribe sharing a fabulous new art journal page


Linda built up beautiful layers using my Decorative Medallion stencil and my Ornamental Compass Mask, along with some Turkmen jewelry parts (one of my favorite things ever!) Make sure you head over to her blog for more details about her beautiful page!




From the Artist Tribe - Art Journaling with Acrylic Skins

Hi all, Jill McDowell from the Artist Tribe is joining us today to share her fabulous art journal spread featuring lots of stenciling and some acrylic skins!


January Art Journaling 1 - Jill McDowell

In this spread she's using my Ornamental Embroidery stencil as well as my Ornamental Compass Mask, along with some really cool techniques to make those skins and incorporate them into her pages.

Make sure you head over to her blog to see all of the details!




From the Artist Tribe - Wheel of Karma Drop Spindle

Today Lynda Shoup is joining us from the Artist Tribe with her Wheel of Karma drop spindle! She made this to use for making her fabulous hand-spun yarn.


Lynda used my Decorative Medallion stencil, along with all kinds of fun fabric and yarn scraps as well as some beads!


Make sure you stop by Lynda's blog to learn more about this project and to see a video with her drop spindle in action!




From the Artist Tribe - Mistakes Happen Art Journal Page

Today Sandee Setliff is back from the Artist Tribe with a fabulous art journal page that has a sentiment I can definitely relate to!


Sandee is working in her Khadi Papers journal and using some of the extra large Dresden wings along with the Crystals MT washi tape. Make sure to head over to her blog to see the full post!




Reviewing 2017: Mixed Media Art Favorites

Happy New Year! I'm very excited about all of the possibilities of 2018 - so much on the horizon! But before I dive into the new, I thought it would be fun to close out 2017 with a "best of" review of my year in art.

To start, I went to this year's "best nine" site to see my most popular posts on Instagram. This is always fascinating to me, and as usual, the top nine was about half filled with hand-carved stamps (most from Carve December, including the 2016 overview on the top-left. The bird was from earlier this year.)

2017 Best Nine on IG - Gwen Lafleur

Of course, as fun as that was to see, I wanted to take a little time to go through all of the things I've done this year and pull together my own Top 10 list. The order on these is a little loose... it's hard to pick favorites!

10. Translucent Mixed Media Assemblage

This one should look pretty familiar since it's a new project, just posted as my "Gwen's Gems" tutorial for December 2017. I'm really loving the translucent parts here - expect to see more of this in 2018!


9. Lynne Perrella Workshop Project

I think this was only posted on Instagram, but I was fortunate enough to take a 3-day workshop with Lynne Perrella last May. I loved it... so fun to learn her process, and I'm thrilled with my project! I still need to finish the second one I started in class, but that's another story...

Class Project - Gwen Lafleur

8. Seascape Shadow Box

This was a demo piece that I started during the Mixed Media Shadow Boxes class I taught in Connecticut last June. I brought it home and finished it off and I'm really happy with how it turned out!

Mixed Media Shadow Box - Ocean Scene Front Angle - Gwen Lafleur

7. "Balance" Art Journal Spread

This is another project that I only shared on Instagram. It began as an experiment with some new chalk pastels that I'd purchased recently - I wanted to see how they'd work on the cotton rag paper in this journal, so I used pastels to do the Buddha portrait on the right, then it ended up morphing into an entire spread. The lotus is from a silkscreen that I designed earlier this year and then printed onto rice paper. (In case you're wondering, the Chinese characters on the right are from one of my hand-carved stamps and mean double happiness.)


6. Mixed Media Seahorse Sculpture

Another fairly recent project, this is part of an ongoing series of 3D sculptures based on stencil designs. My favorite parts are definitely the finished paint job and all of the broken jewelry and metal pieces I added.


5. Flowers for Mom (Mixed Media Floral Still Life)

Ostensibly I made this to share as a second sample for an in-person class I offer, but in reality was was created as a gift for my mom's birthday. She loved it... I got to watch her open it over Zoom and my nieces and nephews were with her... one of my nieces said "wow, you're an even better artist than my teacher!" I'll take it. LOL.


4. Winter Cardinal Art Journal Page

I did a tutorial for this art journal page as my November "Gwen's Gems" post for StencilGirl using one of my new Christmas stencils. I just love the layers of texture and the dimensional look I was able to get here... it's one of my favorite pages to date.


3. Mixed Media Abstract with Stencils & Embossing Powder

I'm a long-time fan of heat embossing, and I love using embossing powder in mixed media so this blog hop project with StencilGirl and Emerald Creek was definitely a favorite of mine. Look for lots more fun with EP in the coming year!


2. Seth's Paper Artsy Creativation Release

Last January I had the opportunity to work with some of Seth Apter's new products from Paper Artsy - I had a lot of fun with this one, revisiting the project I'd done in Seth's "Library of Memories" class at Art is You in 2015. This is a mixed media case with some assemblage on the inside as well as a handmade art journal (all of the inside pages and many more details are in the full release post on StencilGirl Talk.)

Library of Memories Take 2 - Gwen Lafleur
Library of Memories Take 2 - Gwen Lafleur

1. November Workshop Projects

While the other projects on the list are fairly loosely ranked, this is definitely number one - the 2-day workshop I took at Mary Beth Shaw's studio in St. Louis taught by Mary Beth and Seth Apter. I learned a ton, and I love the work I did in this class... I also came home completely rejuvenated! I couldn't narrow this down to just one of the two pieces I did during the weekend, so my favorite project of the year is the combination of both pieces.

Abstract Mixed Media Collage - Gwen Lafleur

Fish Food - Mixed Media Canvas - Gwen Lafleur
Honorable mention... I have to include my pages from the ARTifacts project. It's rare for me to stick with something like this for an entire year, but this was a lot of fun to do and it's cool to look back over my year in art and see how much I was able to accomplish!

March ARTifacts Art Journal - Pages 2-3 - Gwen Lafleur

I really enjoyed going back through the year and seeing how much things have changed since last New Year's Day. I don't really do resolutions per se, but I had a lot of goals for 2017 - both personal and art-related, and I was able to check several off my list and make significant progress on a few more. It was a crazy, hard, exciting, and unusual year. And now I'm enjoying the anticipation of all of the potential that 2018 has to offer - I think it's going to be a good one.

Wishing everyone a wonderful New Year... may all of our hopes and wishes for 2018 all be granted!


From the Artist Tribe - Fun with Dresden

Jackie Neal is back again today sharing some fabulous mixed media projects for the Artist Tribe using lots of different Dresden trims and shapes from the shop!


In this first piece, Jackie mixed the Copper Archways with other bits and pieces to make a window for her stamped face.   Below, she's used the Altars along with pieces of the Myrtle branches and some cut up sections of various medallions to frame and embellish more stamped faces for a very cool free-standing portfolio!


Make sure to stop by Jackie's blog for lots more photos and details!

While we're at it, don't forget that Dresden trim and English & German Scrap are all on sale for 15% off through the 31st! Just use the coupon DresdenScrap-15 when you check out.


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From the Artist Tribe - Art Journaling for the New Year

Today Sandee Setliff from the Artist Tribe is sharing a lovely art journal page with a sentiment for the new year that I definitely share!


For her page, Sandee is working in the 8x8 Khadi Papers Sketchbook and she's incorporated come Dresden trim and English scrap. She also used my Decorative Filigree Ornament stencil and the Decorative Folk Flower Screen stencil.

Make sure you stop by her blog to see more photos and to get all of the details!

And of course, don't forget that Dresden trim and English & German Scrap are all on sale for 15% off through the 31st! Just use the coupon DresdenScrap-15 when you check out.